Rev. Dr. Dawson Elliott, PhD has been in ministry for 28 years with 19 of those years in ministry in Perth, Western Australia. Ordained in the Church of the Nazarene (Wesleyan/Methodist tradition), Dawson initially served as the Pastor at the Maddington Church of the Nazarene for four and half years; then served as the interim Pastor at the Dianella Church of the Nazarene for a year. His tenure at the Church of the Nazarene was indeed a fruitful one. He then filed his Nazarene ministerial credentials without prejudice and moved to ministry as an accredited minister with the Baptist Family of Churches in Western Australia. He then served as the Senior Pastor at the Foothills Christian Centre (2004- 2010). The merger of the Foothills Christian Centre with Carey Community Baptist Church, saw Dawson serving as the Pastor for cross-cultural ministries at Carey Community Baptist Church (2010/2012). Dawson has since January 2015 transferred his ministerial credentials from the Baptist Union of Western Australia to the Southern Cross Association of Churches which is a large non-denominational umbrella body in Australia and abroad representing a diverse range of churches. This has been so that Dawson could be freed from denominationalism, thereby suiting the ethos of BCWA. Additionally, for the past 5 years, Dawson has also served in planting a vibrant Filipino church in Perth, namely Grace Community Church. This church also serves the college as a training platform for student interns. Dawson has a heart after God’s own heart and leads BCWA with a blessed sense of “Lord, Your Kingdom come!” He is highly missional, both locally and abroad with mission trips to Cambodia, Indonesia, India, South Africa and the Philippines. His doctoral research was in the field of systematic theology with an exploration of ecclesiology (Church). He has explored the hermeneutics of Schillebeeckx (a Roman Catholic theologian) with a particular focus on the sacramentality of the church. Dawson has renewed this model of the church by using the ecclesiology of Schillebeeckx as a kind of ‘foil’ against which to develop an alternative ecclesiology, more amenable to Evangelical Protestants. As his point of departure, Dawson has explored through intensive analysis, the Roman Catholic ecclesiological perspectives via Lumen Gentium. Dawson has written two books, namely, The Doctrine of Sanctification in the Church of the Nazarene and  Blessed are you - the Spirit-filled life. He has also published two articles. Dawson is ‘blessedly’ married to Cheryl-lee and they have two blessed unmarried adult children, Tersia and Callion.

Visiting Lecturers:  Rev. Dr. David Shalley, Dr. Keith Henderson, Dr. Viktor Zander, Mrs Ros Smith, Mrs Ruth Henderson.