Personal Development

Personal Development is an 8-hour workshop designed to help you explore yourself so that you can be a well-balanced personality. Key topics are

• Factors that inhibit growth and maturity
• Areas where personal change is needed
• Listening and Communicating skills

The workshop runs over 4 weeks and churches can book an evening slot once a week (2-hour session per week). Individuals can enroll through BCWA admin and session times can be arranged accordingly. Once you try this bite size course, you would surely want more.

COST: $80

What on earth is the Church?

This 8-hour short course is designed to unplug ‘church’ as Jesus did and re-plug it as He always intended it to be. With so much disappointment and disillusionment concerning the institutional church today, rediscovering the true nature of ‘church’ on earth, will indeed set you free and cascade you into the ‘free-ness’ of Jesus’ words – “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed”. We shall explore with you:

• The meaning of church

• The ‘wheel alignment’ of Jesus’ words concerning church

• You and church 

Over 4 non-churchy sessions, we will dissect, diagnose and reconstruct ‘church’ as Jesus intends it to be. 

COST: $80

Bible for Today

This 8-hour short course is designed to help you come to terms with the Bible, as it should be understood today. If you’re searching for answers about the relevance of the Bible or maybe you just wish to satisfy your curiosity about the Bible, either way, this course is for you!

Some of the questions we shall probe with you:

• Who wrote the Bible?

• What does it teach?

• Why is it different from other spiritual material?

• Is it still relevant for me today? 

•Over 4 creative sessions, we'll explore the Bible and its dynamic relevance for today. If you want to just sit back and listen, that's cool. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask.

COST: $80

Missions in Perspective

This 8-hour short course is designed to help you understand the co-mission that Jesus entrusted to you. We have a mandate from Jesus to go into all the world, proclaiming Him as the Gospel message of God’s love and redemption.

• What does this really mean for us today?
• Is ‘missions’ to be a mere program in our churches or is the church to be mission?
• What are the recent statistics concerning contemporary missions into the various world areas?

These are some of the poignant questions that will be discussed. With so many challenges in our world today, a contemporary Biblical-Theological view of missions will give us the right perspectives for missional endeavours in the 21st century.

COST: $80


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