Are you ready to enrol at BCWA? 

Here are some testimonies of those who have decided to enrol at BCWA.

 I have enjoyed my time in BCWA and encourage anyone who have a desire to explore the exciting experience with God and His Word to join us.

(Patrick Wee, BCWA graduate, ADCM)

It has been an exciting journey for me of being in BCWA as it allows me to grow spiritually as well as finding the calling for my ministry.”

(Sarah Adriana, current BCWA Student)



BCWA delivers in these learning modes. 

Enrolment type

BCWA gives students these options in their enrolment. 

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Face to Face


Flexible Deliveries

 [Combination of Face to Face and

Distance Learning]

Distance Learning

 [Learn remotely for those who

cannot attend in person]

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Full Time Study




Part Time Study